Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Elton John’s ‘Yellow Brick Road’ farewell tour is in many ways the end of an era. For over 50-years Elton has produced the sound-track for a generation, really more than a generation, and his imminent retirement from touring is poignant.

The song Goodbye Yellow Brick Road itself, when performed by Elton John at Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley on 11 January 2020 (image shown), had been part of this ‘sound-track’ for 47-years. Launched in 1973, when I was just five, this song and many of Elton’s other myriad of hits have been with me for all of my remembered journey. I am far from alone. These songs drip with meaning and memories for so many people.

I am so glad that I went. These songs performed so well and powerfully and with the brilliant video material that went with them, were an opportunity to reflect on every memory and emotion they triggered. A chance to think about how lucky I’ve been, and to be invigorated for the road ahead.

Thank you Elton John for this amazing gift to the world. I’m only disappointed that it took me until the end of your touring road, to see you deliver this material live. I hope that you have reached the Emerald City and found your way home.


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