Infinite Enigma

Once I had intended to write a novel, a fictional series in the fantasy and science fiction genres, that I had planned to call ‘Infinite Enigma’.

The premise was that somewhere in the universe(s), a war was raging. One character had the power of creating life, bringing forward beings from bacteria to dragons, that once created would wage war for her release. Why?

Well the other protagonist was a being with power over space and time. He had imprisoned her in a time and space bubble, for the sole purpose of fighting her hoard of creations once every generation. These momentous battles would allow the Warlord to hone his troops, many of them with lesser kinetic, psychic, time and teleport powers, so that they were sharpened for their ongoing dominion over most of time and space. A repeated but ever changing battle, waged over millennia after millennia.

What the Warlord didn’t know, was that the Creator was gradually refining her craft over the same eternal time-frame, creating secret beings removed and hidden from the generational wars. She had made Sentinels, imbued with their own power over time and space, insufficient to defeat the warlord directly, but powerful enough to remain secret and create their own pockets of space and time. Little microcosms where the Creator could hide selected creations that could evolve on their own. A painfully long plan, running through the ages, to ultimately defeat the Warlord and obtain her immortal freedom from his cruel oppression.

You may have guessed already, that I had planned to tell part of this story from the perspective of Earth, our reality, our undiscovered universe, as a solitary refuge within one of the Creator’s space and time bubbles. A place sitting in reserve, under the almost invisible hand of one of her most powerful Sentinels. Our reality, experiencing its own generation changes as subtle misunderstood waves of impact from the greater infinite war occurring between the Creator’s beings and the Warlord’s minions. A story arc that would allow for any mythological, magical, and fantasy elements from our own past, to be explained as emanating from these unseen battles being waged beyond our almost forgotten mini-menagerie.

I was inspired in many ways by the concept of infinity, or rather the complexity of ‘many infinities’ that make it such a rich and difficult concept. To illustrate briefly, if you have an infinite number of steps, and each step has fifty wooden rungs, then they are at the same time both different numbers and still both the same, infinite. To go further, what if an infinite number of people were to climb these stairs, what is the associated maths or the difference in their conceptualization? What if it’s two people to a stair, or one to every second stair, what if it’s an infinite ladder, attached to each infinite stair with someone on each and every rung? What if this occurs dynamically, with those people moving through each spot, over an infinite past and an infinite future, with an infinite number of variations across an infinite number of universes? I’m sure you see the point, they are different, but they are the same. It is still unending.

So what if there are only these two protagonists, and only a limited number of space and time ‘pockets’ that the Creator’s Sentinels have made? Making each being ‘non-infinite’ in an infinite universe in both space and time. Wouldn’t that be some sort of ‘Infinite Enigma’?

Are the other lives just shadows emanating like waves from these points of origin, like infinite ripples from a singular drop?  Do these reflections only exist by the will of their originator? In a universe of infinite or almost infinite sound, does only one instance of the creation of a particular Beethoven Symphony exist? Is there just one of you, one of me, one of this particular moment in the entirety of existence? It seemed to me that such an unknowable conundrum, this Infinite Enigma, might best be explored within a fictional story, with singularities existing in our singular protected bubble of reality, Earth, with the forces of infinity acting unseen around it. Unseen around us.

Perhaps one day I will write this work of fiction. I have a number of story arcs, some specific scenes in mind, and I have often viewed our history and even the events of the day, through the story lens that I imagined decades ago. A contrast between reality and the conceptualization of infinity. For example, gaps in evolution, or even how our own bodies war against changing microscopic viruses and bacteria, could be fictionally explored as the work, mistakes or side-effect of this eternal battle.

My hesitation has been the shear scope of such a tale, and perhaps even more, the fear that I can’t do characterization in a compelling enough way to be interesting. My daughters, even as a young children, could write far better and more engaging characters than I could. So generally when I have felt the itch to write, I have leaned toward non-fiction. So this idea continues to sit on the proverbial shelf, for what has now been almost 20-years.

Perhaps one day I’ll start to write it down. After all, what is happening in our world right now is almost un-explainable, without bringing in some fictional and irrational external forces to explain the apparent craziness of our time.

Maybe we’re just in someone else’s bubble?


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