Good Technology Index (GTI) – Meeting 4

Meeting Four | Factor Review

What is the Good Technology Index?

It is an attempt to quantify technological benefit. Assisting in answering how our pathway to knowledge supports humanity, and how we should conduct ourselves and govern ourselves.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” — Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Aristotle’s Elements of Rhetorical Appeal

Breaking our sub-categorizations into five key groups:


What does the technology do in its function, output and quality of solution?

Functionality | Utility | (Quality of) Solution | Governance (Guidance)

ETHICS (Ethos)

What credibility does the technology (producer) have?

Accountability | (Stated) Intent | Sovereignty | Trust | (User) Experience | Focus | Transparency | Ownership | Bias | De-radicalization | De-centralization


What emotional benefit does the technology bring in joy, enjoyment, fulfillment, or basic human benefits and needs?

Environment | Enjoyment | Compassion | Equity | Sensitivity |Inclusiveness |Explainability | Interoperability | Democratization | Control | Appeal | (Human) Autonomy | Privacy | Education | Bio-Diversity (Protection) | Health

REASON (Logos)

What is the logical reason for the technology and what are the rational arguments for its adoption and support?

Durability | Modifiability | Adaptability |Reliability | Security | Dependability |Financial Factors | (Multi) Modality | Ubiquity (Spread) | Inter-disciplinary


Is the technology of its time and what are the benefits in relation to temporal considerations?

Sustainability | Longevity | Time Saving | Time To Availability


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