Good Technology Index (GTI) – Factors

Meeting Five | Weightings and Quantifiability

For updated GTI Rubric (testing model) since this article, see The GTI Rubric.

In the previous (four) meetings, the following initial test structure was created.


GTI Grid Image

What is the Good Technology Index (GTI)?

It is an attempt to quantify technological benefit. Assisting in answering how our pathway to knowledge supports humanity, and how we should conduct ourselves and govern ourselves.

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” — Lord Kelvin (1824 – 1907)

Meeting Five – Exploration of Factor Weighting

This next meeting (15 May 2021 – 9am AEST) is convened to explore the importance (weighting) of each of the factors, and their applicability and usefulness for quantification (measure-ability).

GTI Factors – Working List

HUMANIST (Benefit to human progress and the human condition)

RESPECTFUL (contrasted with contemptuous)
DIVERSITY (contrasted with uniformity)
INCLUSIVE (contrasted with exclusive)
HEALTHY (contrasted with damaging)
JOYFUL (contrasted with sorrowful)

ENVIRONMENTAL (Benefit to our environment in the broadest sense)

RESPECTFUL (contrasted with contemptuous)
PRECAUTIONARY (contrasted with negligent)
BIODIVERSITY (contrasted with homogeneous)
SUSTAINABLE (contrasted with wasteful)
PROTECTIVE (contrasted with harmful)

FUNCTIONAL (The specific utilitarian and problem solving benefits)

NOVELTY (contrasted with copy)
QUALITY (contrasted with inferiority)
UTILITY (contrasted with uselessness)
ADAPTABLE (contrasted with inflexible)
CRITICALITY (contrasted with dispensability)

TEMPORAL (Additional considerations of time-based benefits and longevity)

LONGEVITY (contrasted with brevity)
PLANNED (contrasted with unintended)
AVAILABLE (contrasted with unavailable)
EFFICIENT (contrasted with time-wasting)
INTEGRATEABLE (contrasted with disconnected)

ETHICAL (Broader and overarching ethical and moral considerations)

BENEFICENCE (contrasted with maleficence)
GOVERNANCE (contrasted with dominance)
TRANSPARENCY (contrasted with secrecy)
HONESTY (contrasted with corruption)
JUSTICE (contrasted with unfairness)

Weighting Outcomes and Measurement Model

Following the review meetings on weighting and applicable assessment models, the factors will be updated and an examination rubric created. Stay tuned.


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