Good Technology Index (GTI)

A schema for assessing technology. Encouraging the pursuit of holistic ‘goodness’ in the technical advancement of society.

Three Aims

ONE: Develop (propose and debate) a weighted schematic framework for assessing the ‘goodness’ of technology.

See progress on the Schematic – GTI Rubric.

TWO: Apply the agreed schema to assess and score discrete products, platforms, technologies and organizations on their ‘goodness’, including publishing the results.

First review – Apple iPhone (v12) score.

THREE: Encourage the pursuit of holistic ‘goodness’ in the technical advancement of human society through the application of the GTI.


The GPI owes its origins to the audio social media platform ‘Clubhouse’ where the concept was proposed by Carl Im and a Clubhouse Group, the ‘Good Technology Index’ was created by David Warwick.

The progress notes of the club are posted below:

MEETING ONE – 12 April 2021 (10am AEST)

MEETING FOUR – 8 May 2021 (9am AEST)

MEETING FIVE – 15 May 2021 (9am AEST)

MEETING SIX – 29 May 2021 (9am AEST)

MEETING SEVEN – 5 June 2021 (9am AEST)

MEETING EIGHT – Forthcoming

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