Technology Advisors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Transformation | Process | Ethics | Compliance


AI strategy, processes, re-engineering, compliance and ethics. Technology advisory and related services. Projects including ML, AI, robotics, systems, strategy, start-ups, workshops, documentation and technology improvement.

Mizumi consulting are digital humanists influencing technology to improve the human condition.

Home of the ‘Good Technology Index’ (GTI) and Digital Humanist’s Club on Clubhouse. See the latest progress on the Good Technology Index (GTI) here: GTI Rubric.

Services include: workshops, technical writing, strategic planning, pitches, advisory services, marketing, quality control, user experience, testing, speaking, business analysis, compliance, reviews, documentation, ideation and related technology services.

Successful strategies are shared strategies. Sharing requires communication.


Do you have a strategy or project that needs to be developed, explored, tested, detailed or explained?

Do you have to assess the quality of strategies or plans presented by others, or provide analysis?

Do you need project management, program or team co-ordination, mentoring or advisory services?

Are you looking to integrate emerging technology into you plans, product or thinking?

Do you have compliance requirements or ethical considerations to be assessed or resolved?

Discuss your requirements with Mizūmi.


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Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)