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Getting to ‘Net Zero’

Any executive that doesn’t have a focus on ‘Net Zero’ progression, is negligent on the medium-to-long term survival of their business. This article examines getting started.

Europe’s Proposed AI Legislation

Summary of the European proposal for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act. An exploration of the approach, and a commentary on some of the apparent strengths and shortcomings of the Act. Including exploration of the international political environment, and the broader impact that the EU’s AI legislation (the ‘Act’) may have.

Digital Humanist

What is a ‘Digital Humanist’? Someone who believes that it is our responsibility to understand how our shared humanity can define the systems we create and control. Science – guided by reason.Society – inspired by compassion.Contribution – informed by experience. How did Digital Humanism begin? In 2015, global research and advisory business Gartner, launched the…